Our Manufacturers

At Rep Rite Burk, we pride ourselves on partnering with the highest quality manufacturers in their respective industries.

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Irrigation Manufacturers

  • Centennial Plastics Logo

    Centennial Plastics

    Polyetheylene Pipe for Geothermal, Irrigation & Water Service

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  • Pentair Logo


    Myers SES: Water Systems Pumps/ Sta-Rite: Water Systems Pumps / Berkley: Agg Water Systems Pumps

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  • Boshart Logo

    Boshart Industries

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  • Flomatic Valves Logo

    Flomatic Corporation

    Backflow, Check & Control Valves

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  • Kitz Valves Logo

    Kitz Corporation

    Brass, Bronze, Iron & Stainless Steel Valves

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  • Aquamark Boosters logo

    Aqua Mark

    VFD Commercial Pressure Booster System

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