Amtrol Hydromax


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hydromax-blackAmtrol’s invention of the indirect-fired water heater, over 30 years ago, represented an innovative solution to providing fast, efficient and reliable hot water. In the years since, Amtrol has been dedicated to the continuous improvement of Hot Water Maker® performance and longevity. HydroMax™, with its unique features and appliance-like appearance, is the next generation of Amtrol Hot Water Makers. Made in the USA at our ISO9001:2008 registered facilities, HydroMax is Hydronic Efficiency to the Max™!

Appliance-Like Appearance

Finally, an indirect-fired water heater that looks as good as the fixtures it supplies. HydroMax™ is a revolution in modern design and technology.

Easy to Install and Operate

Every aspect of HydroMax is designed to simplify installation and improve user satisfaction.

Energy Efficiency at its Best

HydroMax is engineered to save energy without sacrificing comfort. Intelligent control technology and a unique tank design work together to provide the best of both worlds.

Reliable - No Call Backs

Amtrol believes that an indirect water heater is an integral part of a home’s heating system. HydroMax incorporates modern materials and proprietary design features to ensure years of trouble-free service.